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Our patented Smart Dog Dual (next generation) is for you with two dogs, who want total freedom when you‘re on tour.
One dog sniffs, the other goes on, and so on.

Total freedom and happiness for dog and handler.!

All you need is a flex line, so just click Smart Dog Dual (next generation) on the line, and now you can walk with your two
beautiful dogs in the same flex line. The line are super strong and will not be pulled off or break under normal circumstances.

You now have the other hand free to e.g. an umbrella or your cell phone.

We offer two different styles. One for round Flex lines, and one for flat Flex lines (max. 13 mm width).

Your two dogs should be of approximately the same weight category. Like any Flex line you should practice in parks and non traffic areas in the beginning, but it is surely that it will quickly become your favorite dog leash when you’re on the walk. Make sure your flex line handle is big enough for the weight of your two dogs.

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